Kids Of Indian-American Couple Who Drowned In Frozen Lake With Authorities


TMore than a million Americans and Canadians are facing problems as a massive winter storm hits North America


The two minor daughters of an Indian-American couple. Who fell into the ice while walking in a frozen lake and drowned. Are in the custody of the Child Protection Department of the US state of Arizona.
A day after Christmas, 49-year-old Narayan Muddana and his wife, Haritha Muddana. And their 47-year-old friend Gokul Medicetti drowned in Woods Canyon Lake in Coconino County, Arizona, USA.

While walking on a frozen lake to take some photos, they fall through the ice.

By the time someone got cell service on the mountain. And first responders brought their limited cold water rescue resources. It was too late, reported.

Rescuers pulled Haritha from the water but she was pronounced dead. The two were found the next day.

The Arizona Department of Child Safety was asked to come to Forest Lake on Monday and take custody of the orphaned girls, ages 7 and 12.

“You never get used to it. Especially when you’re dealing with kids,” said John Paxton of the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO).

“We wanted to make sure they felt as safe as possible. We tried to keep them as warm and out of sight as possible,” he added.

On December 26, three families – including six adults and five children – came from the valley to enjoy the snowy outdoors

“(They) wanted to take some pictures on the ice,” Paxton said.

While filming on the ice, three people fell through the minus 30-degree water.

“Deputies assigned to a substation in the area were called to the lake after two men. And a woman walked into the frozen lake and fell through the ice.” A statement released by CCSO officials said. Meanwhile, the community is grieving and coming together to support two families torn apart by an expected tragedy, the report added.

“He was a very funny, loving guy. They was very kind. He loved his children,” said Kishore Pittala, Narayan’s next-door neighbor and close friend.

They told ABC15 the Muddana family invited his family to Woods Canyon Lake a few days ago.

“He sent me the link on Sunday night. ‘Hey, we’re going to this place. Do you want to join?’ I said, ‘No, I was already tired.'” But two other families joined the Muddans who were celebrating Haritha’s birthday, the report added.

In Frozen Lake

“A total of 11 people went there, and you know, two families were affected,” said Venkat Kominini, president of the Arizona Telugu Association.

The parents, Narayan Rao and Haritha, fell into the icy water with their friend Gokul. Who left behind a wife and a daughter.

“I was shocked,” the teenager said. “Don’t understand, did it really happen for a moment?” Venkat told ABC15 he was surprised by how many people directly tried to help the girls.

“I think five people have reached out to me saying, ‘Are these kids ready for adoption? We want to take care of their lives.'” A GoFundMe fundraiser for the affected families has raised more than USD 500,000.

“The money is going to the kids – for their education, for their future, for whatever they want to do in life,” says Venkat

Lake of the Woods Canyon is located east of Payson in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. This is an area popular with hikers, anglers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

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