Kerala School Dropout Who Rolled Beedis Is Now A US Judge

Kerala School Dropout Who Rolled Beedis Is Now A US Judge


Surendran K Patel, 51, who was recently sworn in as a district judge in Texas, says her days spent making bidis and working as a domestic worker. Pushed her to finish her education and achievesuccess in the US.
Born and brought up in Kasaragod, Kerala, Surendran dropped out of school and took up daily wage jobs to earn a living.

“I dropped out of school after class 10 as my family had no financial means to continue. I made beedis as a daily wage for a year and it changed my outlook on life,” Mr Patel told NDTV.

Determined to turn his life around, Surendran’s village friends helped finance his education. Including his law degree. While studying, she also took a housekeeping job at a local hotel.

“Once I completed my LLB, the practice I got in India helped me survive in the US,” said Mr. When I ran for office in Texas, comments were made about my accent and negative campaigns were launched against me. My own party didn’t think I could win, when I ran for the Democratic primary,” Surendran said.

“No one believed that I could achieve this. I have one message for everyone. Don’t let anyone decide your future.

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