Kentucky parents concerned after teen who compiled ‘kill list’ was allowed to return to school


“No matter how much help he gets, he’s still a threat,” says the concerned mother.
Parents in a suburban Kentucky school district sent a clear message to

Kentucky parents concerned after teen who compiled 'kill list' was allowed to return to school (2)

administrators. They don’t want a teenager who allegedly created. A “kill list” of students in the classroom with their children.

Concerned parents spoke last week after they learned. The Boone County Board of Education. Had allowed the 14-year-old to return to school despite being charged. With second-degree terroristic threats.

“No matter what help he gets, he’s still a threat.” concerned parent Dean Corbin said at a school board meeting in Boone County. Which is across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, according to NBC affiliate WLWT. Rob Biddleman, who said his son was on the teenage teenager’s “active kill list.” Struggled to contain his emotions as he recounted the development. From Conner High School Principal Andy Wyckoff.

“When I got the call from the principal, it was emotionally devastating,” Biddleman said. “All I can think about is that my child was in danger when they did nothing wrong.”

“I don’t think it’s the right decision for the administration,” Wells said. “I think it’s an unnecessary burden on Mr. Wyckoff to put his own son on that list. He has to be neutral every day yet give this kid what he needs. Obviously, he needs a community behind him to help this kid, because one day he’s going to be ours. will be in society.

Wyckoff said Monday that the 14-year-old is a juvenile, his records are sealed. And he is not aware of the status of the charges.

Wyckoff was also adamant that her son Connor would remain in high school. Even though he was one of the threatened students.

“I am aware that some parents have transferred their children to other schools. But I will not transfer my son,” he said.

On Friday, Boone County School District Superintendent Matthew Turner said in a letter.

“The Kentucky Constitution guarantees every child the right. To a public education without prejudice.

But the children, Turner wrote, will be safe.

In a separate case, a different 14-year-old Connor High School. That he “brought a knife to school” to kill a certain teacher. The Boone County Sheriff’s Office reported Oct. 19.

“That’s a different case that I’ll deal with soon,” Wyckoff said. “It’s a good school. We don’t usually deal with stuff like this.

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