Judge orders release of body camera video and 911 call from Paul Pelosi attack


Judge orders release of body camera video and 911 call from Paul Pelosi attack

A coalition of news organizations will have access to all court. evidence from attack last year’s assault. on then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband at their San Francisco home on Thursday.

San Francisco County Superior Court attack Judge Stephen Murphy. on Wednesday granted a motion filed by a group of 13 news organizations. including todaystrend News and The New York Times, requesting the disclosure of evidence in the case. against David DePape, accused of assaulting Paul Pelosi. .

Video from a body camera worn by an officer . Who responded to Pelosi’s home on Oct. 28, a 911 call Paul Pelosi made to police. Portions of a police interview with DePape. And security video taken during the break-in. Recorded by US Capitol Police in Washington.

Prosecutors declined to release the evidence to the news outlet.

The San Francisco district attorney returned. All exhibits to the court attack at Wednesday’s hearing. And a court spokeswoman told todaystrend News that Media Coalition counsel Thomas Burke. “Will provide transcripts to his clients as ordered by the judge.”

At DEPAP’s preliminary hearing last month. The district attorney’s office played a roughly four-minute 911 call. That Paul Pelosi made to San Francisco police. Most of the calls were before documented in court filings.

DePape, who allegedly demanded Nancy Pelosi’s whereabouts while at the home. And attacked Paul Pelosi with a hammer, faces a pair of federal assault. And attempted kidnapping charges besides to related state charges.

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