Joe Biden Criticised For Waiting To Shoot Down Chinese Balloon


Donald Trump on Sunday disputed Austin’s statement. That Chinese government surveillance balloons briefly transited. The continental United States three times during his presidency.
WASHINGTON: Republican US lawmakers criticized President Joe Biden. On Sunday for waiting to shoot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon. As it floated over the US, accusing him of showing vulnerability. To China and initially trying to keep violations of US airspace undisclosed.

Joe Biden Criticised For Waiting To Shoot Down Chinese Balloon

A US Air Force fighter jet shot down the balloon off the coast of South Carolina on Saturday. A week after it first entered US airspace near Alaska, triggering a dramatic. Spy saga that has further strained US-Chinese relations.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said on Saturday. That the US military was able to gather “valuable” intelligence. By studying the balloons and transferred three more Chinese surveillance. Balloons to the US during Donald Trump’s administration. A revelation the Republican former president denied.

“We should have put this balloon down over the Aleutian Islands. We should never have allowed it to transit the entire. Continental United States,” said Senator Tom Cotton. a Republican who sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee. Referring to the small island chain. . That arc off the coast of mainland Alaska.

Mr. Cotton said on the “Fox News Sunday” program that he believed Biden waited to reveal the incursion. Into US airspace because he wanted to save Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s. Planned diplomatic visit to Beijing, which was ultimately postponed.

“I think part of it is the president’s reluctance to take any action. That would be seen as provocative. Or confrontational toward the Chinese Communists,” Mr. Cotton added.

Joe Biden said on Saturday that he had issued an order to bring down the balloon. After it flew over Montana on Wednesday, but the Pentagon recommended. Waiting until it was over open water to protect civilians from debris falling. On Earth from about twice the height of the commercial. sky traffic

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat. Said of the Republican criticism: “They’re premature and they’re political.”

The Defense Department will brief the Senate next week. About the suspected Chinese spy balloon and Chinese surveillance. Schumer said at a news conference Sunday.

Republican Representative Mike Turner, chairman of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee. Said the panel would receive a briefing on the spy balloon this week, although an exact time has not been set.

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