‘Jeopardy!’ champ Yogesh Raut takes aim at the relevance of the very game he won 3 times


Raut said popular game shows don’t really represent quizzing skills.
He is a three-game “Jeopardy!” Winner whose show has had a curious beef that has brought him a measure of TV fame and fortune.

'Jeopardy!' champ Yogesh Raut takes aim at the relevance of the very game he won 3 times (2)

Who is Yogesh Raut?

The trivia savant, blogger and podcaster has been on a social media rant against the show for a week. Insisting it’s not a real quiz competition, questioning its value to society. And accusing it of being “fundamentally incompatible with true social justice”. Raut said this on Monday. That’s his critique of “Jeopardy!” Not the poor sportsman and he pushed back no one called him a sore loser.

“I don’t know that there’s any way it can’t come to someone who wants to read it that way,” said Rout. A 38-year-old resident of Vancouver, Washington.

“People who know me know that I was saying the exact same things, the exact same feelings. The exact same words long before I was called on the show.”

Fans of the venerable question-and-answer show were introduced to Raut on January 11. When he won the first of three games taped in mid-November.

Raut, a well-known figure in quizzing circles, won $96,403 in prize. Money before losing to the museum’s interpreter. Katie Palumbo, in a spirited contest that aired Jan. 16. -Main -Main Megan Greenwell “Jeopardy!” Champion’s “multi-week Facebook meltdown” to his more than 31,000 Twitter followers.

Although Raut did not compare himself to Muhammad Ali, as Greenwell said. He cited the famous boxer as an example of a non-white American who stood up for powerful interests.

Raut’s recent “Jeopardy!”-related rants fall into several categories.

That true quizzing genius “Jeopardy!” is not displayed. A show that aired for 39 seasons. He wrote on January 14 that “Danger!” “Never will top my list of quizzing achievements – not even my 2022 quizzing achievements.” Raut also compared “Jeopardy!” On an ABC show that takes place on a zany miniature golf course, Jan. 12 wrote. “It’s entertaining to watch but bears the same relation to asking real questions as ‘Holy Moly’ does to golf.

Raut’s “Jeopardy!” was the target of racist trolls during Stint and he appears to be somewhat responsible for the show.
“‘Danger!’ It’s a fun TV show but putting it on a pedestal is an objectively bad thing. It’s bad for the future of quizzing,” he wrote in a Jan. 12 critique of the show. It’s fundamentally inconsistent with encouraging the next generation of quizzers to excel. And it’s fundamentally inconsistent with real social justice.”

A “Danger!” The spokeswoman declined to comment Monday.

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