Israel’s New Government To Be Sworn In, Plans To Expand Settlements


Netanyahu has pledged to promote tolerance. And pursue peace to avoid criticism of his coalition.


A hard-right Israeli government aimed at expanding Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank. And pursuing other policies that have drawn criticism at home. And abroad is being sworn in on Thursday. Cementing the return of Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister.

The veteran leader, 73 and has refused to stand trial on corruption charges. Has sought to calm concerns over the fate of civil rights. And diplomacy since his bloc of nationalist. And religious parties won a parliamentary majority in November 1 elections.

Its allies include religious Zionism and the Jewish Power group. Which oppose a Palestinian state and whose leaders. Both West Bank settlers have in the past campaigned against Israel’s judiciary. Its Arab minority and LGBT rights.

Netanyahu has pledged to promote tolerance and pursue peace to avoid criticism of his coalition.

He said in a speech to parliament that, “Ending the Israeli-Arab conflict.” Was his top priority, thwarting Iran’s nuclear program and increasing Israel’s military capabilities.

Opponents taunted him and some chanted “Weak! Weak!” chanted. They say Netanyahu had to make expensive deals to secure. New partners after centrist parties boycotted him over his legal troubles.

For Palestinians, Netanyahu’s line-up darkens an already bleak outlook. A year after violence escalated in the West Bank. Jewish settlements are now set to expand on land. Where the Palestinians hoped to build a future state.

Netanyahu is conservative Likud party said the government. Would “promote development and settlement” in areas. Where “the Jewish people have exclusive and unassailable rights”.

Most world powers consider the construction of settlements on war-occupied lands illegal.

‘Dangerous Growth’

“These guidelines are a dangerous escalation. And will have repercussions for the region,” said Nabil Abu Rudeneh. A spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Netanyahu, now entering a record sixth term as Israeli leader. Appears to be holding off on annexing West Bank land. A policy he has before sought and which would please his settler base.

This year saw the worst violence in the West Bank since 2015. As Israeli forces cracked down on Palestinian unrest and armed attacks. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas criticized. The new government “whose motto is extremism and racism”.

Netanyahu, Who was prime minister in the 1990s. And for three years from 2009 to 2021, Has said he wants a breakthrough in building diplomatic ties with Saudi Arabia. As he did in 2020 with other Gulf states that share Israel’s concerns about Iran.

Riyadh has signaled no change in its position that any progress with Israel is dependent on a Palestinian state.

Netanyahu is appointees include Itamar Ben-Gavir. A West Bank settler convicted in 2007. As police minister of incitement against Arabs and supporting a Jewish terrorist group. Ben-Gavir, a lawyer, said his views have become more moderate.

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Israel’s president, Isaac Herzog, Whose role is ceremonial. Warned on Sunday against possible harm to individuals’ rights. Businesses have rejected calls to amend Israel’s anti-discrimination laws

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