Investigation underway after plane crash averted at New York’s JFK airport


The close call occurred Friday night between an American Airlines plane crossing. The runway and a Delta Air Lines flight preparing for takeoff.

Investigation underway after plane crash averted at New York's JFK airport

An investigation is underway after two planes narrowly avoided a crash. At New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport Friday night. The Federal Aviation Administration said.
At 8:45 p.m., a Delta Air Lines Boeing 737 took off from the busy airport. Ordered to make a frantic stop by air traffic controllers. After it crossed in front of the departing jetliner, the FAA said in a statement.
“Delta 1943, cancel takeoff clearance!” An air controller can be heard saying in an audio recording of air traffic control. Communications made by LiveATC, a website. That monitors and shares flight communications.
The Delta plane was able to land safely, after being stopped abruptly by passengers on board.
“It was like a split second of panic that caused this audible reaction on the plane.” 
The Delta plane came to rest about 1,000 feet away from where American Airlines Flight 106, a Boeing 777. Crossed from an adjacent taxiway, according to the FAA.
The flight, carrying 145 passengers and 6 crew members. Returned to the gate after the incident and customers had to deplane.
A Delta Air Lines spokeswoman said the flight was delayed.  With passengers being accommodated overnight. It left just before 10:20 Saturday morning.
“The safety of our customers and crew is always Delta’s number one priority,” they said, adding. That the airline will “work with and assist aviation authorities” in a full review of the incident.

American Airlines refers all calls to the FAA.

John Cox, a retired pilot and aviation safety professor. At the University of Southern California. Said he questioned whether “there was a miscommunication. Between the American crew and the air traffic controllers.”
Asked how rare such incidents are, he said. “It happens occasionally where there is a misunderstanding about. An air traffic control clearance and someone can refuse takeoff.

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