House adjourns on day three as McCarthy’s bid for speaker at a stalemate


McCarthy says ‘we’re making progress’ after third day of failed votes

After the House adjourned Thursday night, McCarthy. Said progress was being made in his efforts to win. The speaker gavel, adding that he was “not putting a timeline on it.”

“We’re working through it. We’re making progress,” McCarthy told reporters, echoing comments he made. After the House adjourned Wednesday evening. McCarthy also brushed aside concerns that he could alienate GOP moderates by making. Some concessions to far-right Republicans who oppose his bid for speaker.

“The whole conference needs to learn how to work together,” McCarthy said. “So it’s good that we go through this process now. So that we can achieve the things we want to achieve for the American public.”

Asked if the concessions and many failed votes would diminish his power. If he wins the speakership, McCarthy said he doesn’t believe. They will. “It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish,” he says.

How the speaker fight prevents Congress from working

WASHINGTON – There is no Speaker of the House. The House has no active legislators. There is no House Committee.

At this point, the US House of Representatives has no function.

A three-day Republican standoff over Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s speaker bid. Meant none of the 434 elected to the House in November. Were sworn in, leaving children and spouses. Who traveled to Washington to celebrate with elected members. Around the marble building is something, something waiting to happen.

Other business of the House has also been paralyzed. And the rules that before governed the lower chamber have expired.

Freshman members-elect have not been able to set up their house email. The committee, now controlled by Republicans, has not been able to hire new staff. And lawmakers have lost their security clearances and are barred from receiving sensitive. Information or entering secure briefing rooms known as SCIFs — because. They are technically not members.

How much time has the House spent failing to elect a speaker? 17 hours and 55 minutes

Lawmakers have spent about 18 hours on the floor this week. And failed to elect a new speaker. With lawmakers taking more time each day since they first began voting on Tuesday.

Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s proceedings lasted approximately five hours. Five hours, 52 minutes and five hours, 57 minutes, . Wednesday’s session included more than three hours. Of recess and 25 minutes of motions to adjourn.

Thursday’s session continued for eight nonstop hours. Including a four-minute, 20-second. Speech by Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz nominating. Former President Donald Trump for speaker. Before finally adjourning until noon Friday.

House votes to adjourn without speaker settled

The House voted to adjourn after five more failed speaker votes. Planning to return to the chamber on Friday afternoon.

McCarthy failed to garner the support needed to be elected. Speaker as 20 hard-liners refused to endorse him.

Capitol Hill bar advertises $218 ‘Speaker of the Pub’ deal

Union Pub, a Capitol Hill bar popular. With congressional staffers, is offering a drink package Thursday. That makes light of the House situation.

The promotion, known as the “Speaker Special,” is selling for $218 in an clear. Nod to the number of votes needed to claim the gavel.

“Available today and until Speaker of the House is elected!” In promotional tweets.

The House is voting on a motion to adjourn until Friday

Republican Rep. Steve Scalise made a motion to adjourn Thursday. Evening as McCarthy continues to struggle to get the simple majority. Needed to win his bid for speaker.

The House is voting on the proposal after the 11th ballot failed to produce a speaker.

As of Wednesday, Democrats are urging their members to vote. Against the proposal to force Republicans to vote for more speakers.

Kevin’s 11: McCarthy loses another round in speaker bid

McCarthy lost his 11th bid for House speaker Thursday night as McCarthy supporters. And anti-McCarthy Republicans continued to dig into their respective positions.

Twenty Republicans voted for candidates other than McCarthy. as they did four times Thursday. In the latest round, 12 of them voted for Byron Donalds. And seven for Kevin Hearn, and one, Matt Getz, voted for former President Trump. Whom he nominated before the vote. Representative Victoria Spartz again voted to attend.

The loss means the speakership race heads to a 12th ballot — tying. It for the fifth-longest speaker selection process. In history by number of voting rounds. That election took place 200 years ago, in 1821.

The fourth-longest, a year ago, went to 22 ballots. The longest, in 1855, went to 133 ballots.

Gaetz nominates Trump in 11th round of voting

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida. Again nominated former President Trump for speaker of the House. During the 11th round of voting — this time giving a longer speech.

“I’m rising to nominate Donald Trump for Speaker of the House.” Gaetz said, referring to the Trump administration on the economy. Tax cuts and wage increases. “For all the vitriol we hear from the media. And sometimes from the left, there have been great. Moments of bipartisanship under the Trump presidency.”

Gaetz was the first nominee and voted for the former president. During the previous day’s seventh round of voting. After voting for Donald on the previous ballot.

“This government has been corrupt for too long,” Gaetz said. “If we get our side of the aisle up, we’ll overhaul that corrupt system.”

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