House adjourns for second day without a speaker after McCarthy falls short again on votes


McCarthy says discussions are ‘going well and continuing’

After the House adjourned for a second day without a speaker. McCarthy said Republicans were continuing to talk about finding a way forward.

McCarthy told reporters that enough Republicans. Coming together to adjourn for the night indicated. “The negotiations are well underway and continuing, but that doesn’t mean they’re over.”

Asked Thursday afternoon about his plans to reconvene the House. McCarthy said: “We keep talking, that’s all. We talk until we get it done.”

McCarthy argued that repeated roll call votes — a total of six over two days for the speakership. — Were not productive and that lawmakers preferred to spend. More time deliberating than voting on the floor.

“getting votes is productive,” he said. “We’ve been through it. People know where everybody is. You see the polls don’t change.”

Anti-McCarthy lawmaker says, ‘I’ve just lost a lot of trust’

Rep. Matt Rosendale, R-Mont., who opposes McCarthy. Said after the vote was postponed that progress could be made. But that he still opposes McCarthy.

“Well, I guess we’re going to find out tomorrow. There were other meetings tonight. That I wasn’t a part of and I guess we’ll find out.”

Asked if he was open to voting for McCarthy, Rosendale said, “Well, I’ve lost a lot of faith.”

These are the 4 Republicans who voted against the motion to adjourn

Four Republicans voted against the proposal to postpone. Proceedings until Thursday, along with Democrats.

They included some of McCarthy’s biggest critics: Reps. Matt Gaetz of Florida, Lauren Boebert of Colorado. And Andy Biggs of Arizona. Republican-elect Eli Crane. A freshman from Arizona, also joined the group

House votes to adjourn for second day without agreeing on a speaker

The House voted to adjourn for the day on Wednesday evening. Leaving MPs without electing a speaker for the second day in a row.

After six votes in two days, the House remains deadlocked as McCarthy’s bid to lead the chamber stalls.

The House is voting to adjourn until tomorrow

McCarthy’s allies are pushing for a recess for the day and a vote on the speaker again tomorrow. Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla.

Democrats are encouraging their members to vote against. The proposal, trying to force. Republicans to continue voting in the speaker’s race today. That means McCarthy’s allies need the support. of 218 Republicans to successfully delay it.

McCarthy allies agree to stay out of some GOP primaries in exchange for conservative group’s support in speaker’s race

A major Republican super PAC aligned with McCarthy. Has agreed not to pick a side in some competitive House GOP primary races as part of a deal to ensure McCarthy. has the support of an influential conservative group heading into the next vote for speaker.

The McCarthy-aligned Congressional Leadership Fund and the conservative Club for Growth confirmed. The deal Wednesday evening — CLF will not spend money. On “primaries for open seats in safe Republican districts” or pay. Its allies to do so, CLF President Dan Conston said in a statement. He added that the group would still support incumbents. And spend on races that “affect the majority.”

That last caveat makes the promise a bit murky. As some races in deep red districts are likely to be competitive depending. On who wins the GOP primary. But the deal will be a relief to some conservatives who try to help McCarthy’s allies. favor candidates through GOP primaries in safe Republican districts. Where those primaries effectively decide who gets to Congress.

Club for Growth president David McIntosh celebrated the deal in a statement. saying it “meets a major concern.” He added that “with these principles accepted, the Club for Growth will endorse Kevin McCarthy for speaker.”


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