Here’s what’s going on with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s impeachment


The Texas Republican Party has been in some turmoil in recent weeks as the Republican. -Controlled legislature took the extraordinary step of impeaching. State Attorney General Ken Paxton, also a Republican.

Paxton is now only the third official in Texas history to be impeached.

And he will soon face trial in the state Senate.

Late last month, lawmakers charged him with breaking the law. Abusing his office, accepting bribes and obstructing justice. And, as required by the state constitution, their next impeachment immediately. Removed him from office pending the outcome of a Senate trial. If two-thirds of the state senate votes to convict him of even one charge, he will be remov.

Paxton’s trial will be the first impeachment trial in decades. And it has already garnered national attention as former. President Donald Trump and his allies rallied behind him.

“Election interference! Free Ken Paxton, let them wait for the next election!” Trump recently wrote on social media.

Here’s what you need to know.

What are the charges against Paxton?

On May 27, the State House impeached Paxton in 20 articles of impeachment. Charging him with neglect of official duties, abuse of public funds, constitutional bribery. Obstruction of justice, making false statements in official documents, conspiracy. And attempted conspiracy, and dereliction of duty. Disqualification for office and abuse of public trust.

Many of the allegations center on Paxton’s relationship with Nat Paul. An Austin real estate investor and wealthy donor. Who was aided and abetted by the Texas Republican. Other allegations center on his retaliation against whistleblowers who complained about his conduct.

According to the articles of impeachment, Paxton:

Directed his employees to intervene in a lawsuit between a non-profit group and Paul
Issued a legal opinion that helped Paul, disguising his.

Involvement by asking a state senator for an opinion.

Shared information with Paul through his office
An outside attorney has been hired to investigate a “baseless allegation” made by Paul
accepting bribes to renovate his house and a job for a woman with whom he had an extramarital affair
His office has fired and retaliated against whistleblowers and spent government resources conducting. A “working investigation” of their allegations.
Obstruction of justice by delaying criminal proceedings on securities fraud charges
Violation of Public Information Act
Many people know the facts; They have been reported by local newspapers. And seized upon by political opponents, and according to the Associated. Press a federal corruption investigation into Paxton’s conduct is underway. House lawmakers say their investigation. And after impeachment was triggered by a $3.3 million.

Settlement Paxton struck with whistleblowers and asked House to sign off on.

“the last straw was his belief that he could write a blank check to the Legislature. Without any accountability or any kind of accountability. And actually provide an explanation,” said Rep. Ann Johnson, a Houston Democrat. And the ex-Prosector who presented the case for impeachment in the House

But Rusty Hardin, an attorney hired by the House to bring. The case to the Senate, suggested the trial would reveal new details.

“I promise you, it’s 10 times worse than being public,” he said Thursday.

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