Hammer-wielding woman seen on viral video making racist remarks is charged with 3 felonies


Judy Ann Cline of St. Louis has been charged with theft. Damage to property and unlawful use. Of a weapon in connection with an incident partially captured. On a ring camera, authorities say.
A hammer-wielding woman who was recorded on video shouting racist comments outside. A family’s St. Louis home last year was charged with three felonies. Wednesday, authorities said.

Hammer-wielding woman seen on viral video making racist remarks is charged with 3 felonies

The video shows the woman hitting Suarez’s front door. With a hammer and making racist comments. Suarez initially posted the video on TikTok and it was reposted by a popular user this week.

“It’s ridiculous for them to take a video that goes viral for something to do,” Suarez said. “It’s good news that he’s finally being charged.”

The St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office identified the woman as Judy Ann Cline, 54, of St. Louis. He is charged with first-degree burglary, first-degree damage to property. And unlawful use of a weapon for the Jan. 5, 2022, break-in at Suarez’s home.

Suarez said the encounter began. When her father and younger sister, then 4, heard a commotion in the basement.

Suarez’s father went into the basement and saw a stranger holding a hammer, Suarez said. He said that the woman entered the house by breaking the glass door.

Suarez’s father closed a door leading to the basement and got out with his young daughter, Suarez said. The woman then appeared at the front door, where a Ring video shows. Her swinging a hammer at the door and making racist comments.

“The whole point of the break-in wasn’t even to steal anything. It was because of race,” Suarez said. He noted that his family is of Mexican descent.

This house – you don’t have enough money.”

In another part of the video, the woman says, “Get off my property!” Other footage shows the woman describing herself as an “American citizen, angry at you.” In the video, the woman can also be heard saying, “What are you doing in my house? Get out, b—-. Go away. This is my house,” according to a probable cause statement.

Cline also broke the glass door of a dryer at the home. According to the probable cause statement, which also noted.

A search of public records found Cline’s last name linked to Suarez’s home in the 90s.

Suarez said his family has lived in the house for about a decade.

It was unclear Wednesday afternoon whether Cline has an attorney.

Suarez said Cline harassed her family for a year, including on Feb. 1, when he tried to pick the door lock. In March, Suarez also accused Cline of stealing mail in March. And sitting outside the home for hours in December.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. That the woman was arrested in 2022 for other disturbances at the home. The arrests took place on March 17 and December 12, respectively. On charges of municipal trespassing and misdemeanor disturbing the peace, the newspaper reported. Report

TTN News requested the arrest records but did not immediately receive them Wednesday.

A spokeswoman for the city’s prosecuting office. Did not immediately respond to a request for comment Wednesday.

Before announcing the charges, the circuit attorney’s office said. In a statement Wednesday that when police submit cases. The police department determines a threat to public safety to assess whether.

The attorney’s office “has advanced the warrant application related to this case

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