Governors’ legislative agendas offer clues to possible 2024 presidential campaigns


As the field of 2024 Republican presidential candidates agendas takes shape. some of the most prominent contenders are likely to be governors. And even though they’re not running yet, what they’re doing at the state level gives. Them an idea of what they see as their strengths and weaknesses leading to a potential primary.

It’s an area that could include Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Who has tried to distinguish himself from former President Donald Trump. Glenn Yonkin, the Virginia governor who flipped a blue state red in 2021. And tried to export his crossover appeal to other GOP campaigns last year. And Christy Noem, the conservative governor of South Dakota. Who has made national headlines for her outspokenness. On culture wars such as bans on transgender athletes. Other incumbent Republican governors mentioned as potential 2024 candidates. Include Greg Abbott of Texas and Chris Sununu of New Hampshire.

“Nothing shows what you stand for better than having an agenda. And pushing real policy in a real legislature that has a real impact on people.” Said Christine Davison, a Republican strategist and Yonkin adviser.

Here’s how DeSantis, Youngkin and Noem positioned their state agendas this year.

Governors' legislative agendas offer clues to possible 2024 presidential campaigns

Ron DeSantis maintains his culture war focus but could have surprises in store

Florida’s governor has used the first weeks of his second term to lean toward. culture war issues that have helped raise his national profile. While still championing traditional conservative red meat like tax cuts and gun rights.

This month, the DeSantis administration blocked a proposed Advanced Placement course. On African American studies from being taught in high schools. Claiming the material “indoctrinates.” Students with a left-wing ideology.

The move was the latest censoring of classroom. Material deemed too progressive, including critical race theory. Which DeSantis’ administration banned in 2021. Last year, his budget office requested. That state colleges disclose spending information on any programs related to the subject. As well as diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

“We will never surrender to the vigilante masses. Florida is where waking up dies,” DeSantis said in his inaugural. Address earlier this month.

But, DeSantis’ moves on a pair of issues that have not been strengths among conservatives. — Education and the environment — state that he sees an opening for Republicans. To develop a message that cuts into Democrat territory.

DeSantis recently announced an education plan.

That would increase teacher pay while also stripping unions of leverage in negotiating. Educator pay and placing new limits on school board terms.

The proposed legislation — which DeSantis touts as “teacher empowerment.” — Highlights efforts to turn education policy into a campaign force.

“Education is a real opportunity for Republican governors who have a track record. On this issue because it’s a state and local issue, where governors can do a lot more. Than anybody in D.C.,” said Alex Conant, a Republican strategist. Who Worked on Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s 2016 presidential campaign. “It’s a very effective way to draw a contrast with Democrats. Who have felt that they’ve had a bit of a hold on this issue for some time.”

Another policy area where some observers. Of Florida agendas politics think DeSantis has distinguished himself. — And one he’s focused on in 2023 — is environmental protections.

“He went in a different direction than he did with the environment,” said Florida. Politics expert Susan McManus, professor emeritus of political. Science at the University of South Florida. McManus pointed to a series of conservationist land purchases. Clean water systems and other environmental protections. Including critical efforts at climate mitigation. That DeSantis enacted as governor — many in the past month.

, McManus says, DeSantis has been able to separate the concept of climate change.

— He blasts green corporate efforts. And investments as “woke” — and the concepts of habitat and land protection.

“It’s a semantic thing, but it’s working for him,” he said. “He’s not painting himself as an environmentalist. … He has this interesting record [that] might help soften his image.”

At the same time, DeSantis has pushed traditional conservative. Issues like gun rights (he’s said he wants the state to move forward. With permit-less carry laws in the upcoming legislative session). And tax cuts (he’s promised to enact “record tax relief” in the 2023 legislative session).

He has also worked to position himself to the right of Trump. (who Has already announced his 2024 presidential run). On the Covid issue, creating an skeptical public profile around vaccines. It’s a break from his previous support for vaccine. Development and distribution, but Trump plans to hit him on the issue.

Last month, DeSantis used a roundtable of Covid vaccine skeptics. And opponents he called to impanel a grand jury in the state Supreme. Court to investigate whether pharmaceutical companies misled Floridians about the vaccine’s side effects.

Spokespeople for DeSantis, in his governor’s office and his campaign. Declined to answer questions from todaystrend News.

Glenn Youngkin builds on his crossover appeal with overtures to social conservatives

Youngkin made headlines two years ago when he flipped the governorship of Virginia. — A state President Joe Biden carried by 10 percentage points a year earlier. — Distancing himself from Trump while leaning toward education and parental rights. It’s a model that makes him the talk of politicians as a potential 2024 candidate. Youngkin criss-crossed the country last year campaigning in swing-state gubernatorial races for several. Republican candidates who sought to import large elements of his strategy.

Some of Youngkin’s early moves this year agendas, but, state that he is seeking to rally support. Among social conservatives agendas and neutralize potential lines of attack from opponents.

For example, Youngkin said a key agendas part of his agenda this year is advancing the state’s 15-week abortion ban. (That effort was defeated last week, but. When Democrats won a special election earlier this month to expand. Their narrow majority in the state Senate.)

Also, Yongqin recently killed a proposed $3.5 billion.

Ford electric car battery factory. Due to a partnership with a Chinese battery maker. Political observers noted that the move could help neutralize a potential line. Of attack on its past trade ties with China and track with the GOP’s broader tough stance against China. (DeSantis, Noem and other Republican governors have also recently tried to ban Chinese. Companies from buying assets in their states.)

Meanwhile, Youngkin has proposed a stack of legislation — including agendas a massive tax cut. Ambitious plans to overhaul the state’s behavioral health system. And measures to boost the state’s educator and law enforcement pools. — That could create broad crossover appeal among conservatives, moderates and moderates. independent

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