Google Executive Claims He Was Fired After He Rejected Female Boss’ Advances: Report


A former Google employee named Ryan Wolohan claims that company authorities fired him. After he rejected the alleged advances of a female executive, according to a report in the New York Post.
The man filed a lawsuit in November claiming. That Tiffany Miller groped him during dinner. And told him she knew he had an affinity for Asian women in Chelsea, Manhattan, in December 2019.

Google Executive Claims He Was Fired After He Rejected Female Boss' Advances Report

The accused, a director of programmatic media at Google. Rubbed Mr. Wolohan’s abs, complimented his body. And said his marriage “lacked spice,” according to court papers. According to reports, the alcohol-related company meeting was held. At Fig & Olive shortly after Mr. Wolohan’s promotion as managing director of food. Beverage and restaurants. Miller was part of his new team.

According to the lawsuit, Mr. Wolohan, a married father of seven. And that his colleagues later dismissed the behavior as “Tiffany being Tiffany.” Court papers state.

Mr. Wolohan reported the matter to the human resources department the following week. But the department failed to take action. The complaint will necessarily escalate,” the lawsuit said.

Further in the lawsuit, Mr. Wolohan claims the accusers began retaliating against him. After he criticized him and reported him to human resources for “microaggressions.” Yet, Miller did not specify what the perjury charges accused him of.

At a karaoke bar in April 2022, Miller berated Wolohan. During a company get-together, the lawsuit said. He mocked her upon arrival and reiterated that she knew. He preferred Asian women to white women – knowing that his wife was Asian.

Mr. Wolohan also said he felt pressure from his supervisor. He was told that there were “definitely a lot of white guys” on his management team.

In July, Google fired Mr. Olohan. Ending his 16-year relationship with the company, the New York Post reported.

In a statement to The Post, a spokesman for Miller denied the allegations against his client.

“This case is a fictitious account of events filled with many lies. Fabricated by a disgruntled former employee. Who was Ms. Miller’s senior at Google,” the spokesperson said. “Ms. Miller never made any ‘advances’ on Mr. Wolohan, which witnesses could easily prove.

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