Former London police officer who raped a dozen women over 17 years gets life in prison


Metropolitan Police officer David Carrick, 48. Admitted last month that he was a serial rapist in what prosecutors. Described as the most shocking case involving a serving police officer.
LONDON – A former London police officer was sentenced to life in prison with a smallest of 30 years. On Tuesday for raping and sexually assaulting a dozen women over a 17-year period.

Metropolitan Police officer David Carrick, 48, admitted last month. That he was a serial rapist in what prosecutors described. As the most shocking case involving a serving police officer.


Carrick, who joined the force in 2001. Pleaded guilty to 24 counts of rape and 49 offenses including assault. Attempted rape and false imprisonment. His crimes took place between 2003 and 2020. During Tuesday’s sentencing hearing, Justice Bobby Chima-Grube. Said the former officer “took terrible advantage. Of women” behind a public appearance of sobriety and fidelity.

“You brazenly raped and sexually assaulted many women, some very brutally. And you behaved as if you were untouchable. You were brave. And at times relentless, believing that no victim would overcome. Her shame and fear to report you,” the judge told Carrick.

“For nearly two decades, you have been proven right but now the combination of those 12 women. Coming forward, and your police colleagues, acting on their evidence. Have exposed you and brought you down,” he added. Authorities say Carrick used his status as a police officer to control. And coerce his victims.

The Metropolitan Police said his crimes. Had a “devastating effect” on the force, and he apologized. And other offenses between 2000 and 2021.

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