Former London police officer admits to being serial rapist


LONDON – A London police officer has admitted to raping and assaulting a dozen women over two decades.

David Carrick, an armed officer who worked with the Parliamentary.

And Diplomatic Protection Command and worked on the Parliamentary Estate. Has been charged with 49 offenses against 12 women over 18 years.

At an earlier hearing at the Old Bailey last year, the 48-year-old. Pleaded guilty to 43 offences, including 20 counts of rape. On Monday, he pleaded guilty to four more counts of rape. False imprisonment and indecent assault.

Assistant Commissioner Barbara Gray, the Metropolitan Police’s lead for professionalism. Apologized to Carrick’s alleged victims, describing him as a “massive, serial sex offender”.

“She has had a devastating effect on the confidence. And self-confidence of women and girls that we work so hard to earn,” she said in a statement. “He destroyed colleagues.”

“He used the fact that he was a police officer to control and coerce his victim.

“We should have looked at his pattern of abusive behavior.

And because we didn’t, we missed an opportunity to remove him from the organization,” he added. According to The Associated Press, Carrick met some of the women. On online dating sites or at social events, using his position as a police officer to gain their trust.

Details of Carrick’s crimes were not released until Monday. Under strict reporting restrictions in the UK.

Monday’s revelations are. The latest high-profile blow to the capital’s confidence in its police force. The Metropolitan Police. It followed the kidnapping, rape. And murder of Sarah Everard at the hands of Wayne Couzens, also an elite officer with.. The Diplomatic Protection Command. Which sparked a national conversation about violence and abuse against women.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he was “sickened and horrified” by the revelations.

“Londoners will be appalled that this man managed to work for the Met. For so long and must answer serious questions. About how he managed to abuse his position as an officer in this appalling way,” Khan said.

Carrick was in the police system in connection with many off-duty. Incidents before and during his employment as an officer in 2001. None of which had any criminal sanction at the time, the Metropolitan Police said on Monday.

Carrick came to police attention for nine incidents in 2001. And again in 2017 despite being vetted to join the Metropolitan Police, the force said in a statement. It also said that two of those incidents were not recorded in the police system.

A police spokeswoman declined to comment.

On the records when contacted by todaystrend News for clarification. The force said it had improved its systems. And Carrick would be flagged under the current process.

After his arrest in October 2021, Carrick was immediately fired, police said.

Police are working to repair relations with the community. And restore trust among women after raising concerns. Over sexual misconduct, mistreatment and racism.

Earlier this month, an officer pleaded guilty to imprisoning. And assaulting a woman in her 20s while on duty. And another officer was convicted of harassing a female colleague.

Two officers were jailed in 2021 for sharing pictures. Of murdered sisters Nicole Henry. And Biba Smallman and calling the sisters “dead birds” in WhatsApp messages.

Biba, who was black, and Nicole, who was mixed race. Were discovered in a London park by family members who were left to fend for themselves. Their mother, Mina Smallman, believed police did. Not search for her daughters because of racial profiling. And classification – an allegation the force denied.

A recent independent review of the Metropolitan Police’s culture.

Including Everard’s murder, said it had uncovered systemic failings. That allowed many “abhorrent.”

Highlighting missed opportunities to identify repeated or escalating misconduct. Dame Louise Casey’s report found that between 2013. And 2022, 20% of officers and staff in the misconduct system.

In a statement issued on Monday, the Metropolitan Police. Said it has formed a dedicated Domestic Abuse and Sexual Offenses. Investigation Team to deal with officers or staff members. Involved in domestic abuse or sexual offences.

“Our work is strong and focused on identifying. And removing corrupt officials,” Gray said.


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