Five officers fired as sex scandal roils Tennessee police department


An investigation found that officers engaged in “girls gone wild.” Style parties, excessive drinking and on-duty sex.

Five officers fired as sex scandal roils Tennessee police department

A Tennessee police department was in turmoil Tuesday. After allegations that at least five of its male officers had sex with a female officer both on and off the job.

So far five officers have been fired and three others have been suspended. Without pay as officials in the Nashville suburb of La Vergne investigate. Allegations against the 60-person police department, Mayor Jason Cole said.

“Our top priority will include rebuilding public confidence.”

The La Vergne police officers’ account was in an internal report. About the department’s investigation obtained by NBC affiliate WSMV in Nashville. Officers reported sharing cellphone photos of their genitalia, having sex. At police stations while on duty and attending “girls gone wild” type parties.

“The actions of a few are not representative of the entire department.” Said Police Chief Burrell “Chip” Davis.

Davis said that despite the firings and suspensions. “We have enough personnel to cover all our patrol shifts.” He said that “consultants have been brought in to help our officials work in this situation.”

Also fired was Sgt. Lewis Powell, Sgt. Henry Ty McGowan, Detective Seneca Shields. And Officer Juan Lugo-Perez.

NBC News attempted to contact all the officers.  Besides to violating departmental rules against on-duty sex, the investigative report accused. Them of obstructing an investigation by lying about. Their activities and engaging in “unbecoming conduct of an officer.”

The Rutherford County District Attorney’s Office told WTVF-TV. In Nashville that they are monitoring the situation.

Earlier, police sergeant. Eric Staats, who is president of the department’s Fraternal Order of Police chapter. Told news outlets that none of the officers would release a statement.

Staats owns the houseboat where a wild “hot tub” party was held last Memorial Day. Where officers were drinking heavily and where. At one point, Hall lost his top. And poured vodka down his throat, according to the investigative report. Staats is not accused of any wrongdoing.

City officials launched an investigation Dec. 12 after a police sergeant told Cole. That Hall “had an intimate relationship” with fellow officers. According to a report obtained by WSMV. That describes what allegedly happened in graphic detail.

Under questioning, Powell, Magliocco, Holoday, Shields. And Lugo-Perez all admitted to having sex with Hall, the report said.
Hall also admitted to having sex with those officers and with McGowan, the report said. He said he also shared nude photos with Holloday, Magliocco, McGowan and Schoberl.

Shields told city investigators. That Hall had oral sex in the gym after police initially claimed, “I never had sex with Megan Hall.” The report said.

Powell initially denied having a sexual relationship with Hall, the report said. She later admitted to the report that she had also engaged in oral sex with Hall, who was on duty at a police substation.

Powell also admitted that as the investigation progressed. He and Hall compared notes on a failed bid to keep their efforts secret from investigators.

“Powell confirmed that she and Hall met at Planet Fitness,” the report said. “Powell confirmed that they discussed the investigation and Powell told Hall. That he denied all allegations during his interview with HR.”

Magliocco told investigators that besides to having sex with Hall. He offered to “work” with her and his wife. Holoday also reported that Hall came up with the idea of her and her “ex” having a threesome.

Holoday and Magliocco raised concerns in interviews about. Hall’s heavy drinking and mental health, according to the report.

“Magliocco reported that Hall unloaded his weapon. And fired the gun into his head ‘so he could hear what it sounded like,'” the report said.

But Magliocco admitted he “didn’t report it to anyone” until Dec. 8. When, he said, he called Staats to relay “these concerns to leadership,” the report said.

McGowan revealed, in what. the report described as a controversial interview with police brass. That he once went to Hall’s home with another woman and exposed her genitalia. He is also accused of trying to intimidate a city human resources assistant.

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