Families of 2 men who died after encounters with Los Angeles police file claims against the city


LOS ANGELES – The families of two of the three people. Who died in clashes with Los Angeles Police Department officers. On the same day earlier this month filed. Lawsuits against the city on Friday, each calling for better accountability. And at least $50 million in damages.

Keenan Anderson, who was black.

And Oscar Leon Sanchez, who was Latino, died hours. Apart on Jan. 3 after a confrontation with police that escalated.

A third man, Tucker Smith, who was black, died during a confrontation with police a day earlier. His estranged wife said he was suffering from a mental health crisis. And needed help when police shot him on January 2. It was not immediately clear if Smith’s family. Intends to take legal action against the city or the police department.

A teacher who was the cousin of Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrice Cullers. All three deaths have come amid nationwide. Calls for changes in law enforcement policies. — Particularly when officers interact with those with a history of mental illness.

There’s no reason law enforcement should be the first responder.

To a traffic stop or an accident,” Cullors said during a weekend vigil for his cousin. “Kinan, you deserve to be cared for. Keenan, you deserve sympathy Keenan, you deserve to be in your classroom with your students. Keenan, you deserve to go on your honeymoon.”

The city has 45 days to respond to the claim, and if denied, a plaintiff can proceed with a lawsuit.

The Los Angeles city attorney declined to comment.

Oscar Leon Sanchez’s family says he was in a mental health crisis. When he died and should have been treated with more care.

“Oscar Leon Sanchez was in need of mental health help. But, despite no one being injured, no ongoing emergency. And no need for law enforcement, Los Angeles Police Department officers shot. And killed Oscar Leon Sanchez at his home,” according to a claim by Sanchez. On behalf of the family and first obtained by NBC News.

The fatal collision took place on January 3 around 5:30 pm.

When the officers in L.A. responded to a call about a suspect armed with a deadly weapon downtown.

According to police, Sanchez threw an unknown metal object at a passing vehicle. When the driver pulled over, Sanchez confronted. The driver and threatened him with a knife.

Several people called 911 earlier. That evening to report Sanchez pacing on the street. And at least two people told first responders they suspected he was homeless. According to edited footage released by police.

When officers arrived at the scene. They found Sanchez standing on the second floor landing of a home with a metal pipe and a heavy chain. Officers tried to tackle him, but he advanced toward.

Them holding a “makeshift metal spear,” according to police.

“When you watch the video, it’s clear he doesn’t know what’s going on,” said Isidro Leon Sanchez, Oscar’s brother. “He had an episode.”

Oscar, the youngest of five siblings, had long struggled with anxiety. And major depressive disorder. Which worsened in the years following their mother’s death, Isidro said.

Over the past year, Oscar’s mental health deteriorated. As he struggled to leave his room or go to work, his brother said. He was prescribed medication for his depression. And went to therapy, but Isidro said he suspected. That Oscar could not manage his depression on his own and take his medication .

Another brother, Emmanuel Leon Sanchez, was home. But was in another room when Oscar was shot. And could not sleep at night or return to the house where the fatal encounter took place, Isidro said.

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