FAA outage live updates: Air traffic slowly resuming after ground stop has been lifted


AirAirAirAirAir About half of Southwest Airlines flights were delayed as of about 11:15 ET, according to .

More than 1,700 Southwest flights were delayed, 45% of its flights.

The latest delays come weeks after the airline canceled. Thousands of flights in the travel-heavy days after. Christmas, which it blamed on “operational challenges” following days of severe winter weather.

A spokesperson for Southwest . Airlines did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Earlier Wednesday, the airline said in a tweet . That it was “monitoring” the FAA outage and urged customers to watch . The status of their flights.

Expect delays
Here’s the hourly status of flights departing the United States on Wednesday. FAA computer outages delayed more than half of flights nationwide.

Ground stops at Chicago airport have been lifted, though delays continue
Julian McShane

Ground stops at Chicago‘s O’Hare and. Midway International airports have been lifted. The Chicago Department of Aviation said in a statement shortly after 10 a.m.

Remaining delays or cancellations resulting from this morning’s outage are likely to continue. Throughout the day,” it said, adding that passengers. Should check their flight status before heading to the airport.

10:45 a.m. ET, O’Hare was reporting an average arrival delay of. One hour and 16 minutes (and decrease) and an average departure delay of. One hour and 39 minutes (and increase), according to FlightAway. More than 200 of its flights – 23% – were delayed, and 39 flights were cancelled.

Midway was experiencing average . Arrival delays of 48 minutes (and falling) and departure delays of . One hour and 51 minutes (and falling), according to the tracking website. More than 40% of its flights – 116 – were delayed and 22 were cancelled.

FAA outage was a ‘catastrophic system failure,’ says US Travel Association CEO
Julian McShane

Wednesday’s FAA computer . Outage was a “catastrophic system failure” and “a clear sign that. America’s transportation network is in desperate need of . A significant upgrade,” according to the head of the US Travel Association.

“Americans deserve an end-to-end travel experience that is seamless and safe. And our nation’s economy depends on a best-in-class. travel system,” said Geoff Freeman. President and CEO of the nonprofit and advocacy group . More than 1,100 member organizations in the travel industry representing .

“We call on federal policymakers to modernize . Our critical travel infrastructure to ensure our systems are. Able to meet demand safely and efficiently,” he added in a statement.

A senior law enforcement official told  that the FBI has seen no evidence . AirThat a cyber attack caused thousands of flights to be grounded due to a computer outage.

Cybersecurity experts say. The most common cause of problems like Wednesday’s is bad software updates.
Julian McShane

Most people have never heard of “NOTAM,” but it’s. T he reason Air thousands of passengers were stranded at. airports or stewing for delayed or canceled flights Wednesday.

The acronym stands for “Notice to  Mission” and refers to computer . Air Systems that “distribute information necessary to. personnel concerned with flight operations. But not known in advance to disseminate by . Other means,” according to a webpage on . The Federal Aviation Administration website. (The page was no longer accessible after 9:30 am.)

The notices identifiedAir abnormalities such as “runways closed for maintenance. Ground stations out, construction cranes that may be close to. The runway,” NBC aviation analyst Capt. John Cox said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” Air

The notices are written in a specific format “a unique language characterized by . The use of special contractions” standardized by the International Civil Aviation Organization. According to the FAA. To the untrained eye, notices look like a random series of letters and numbers.

“It’s a pretty comprehensive list that the crew gets right before departure,” Cox said. “For this NOTAM system to go out – I don’t think it’s ever failed before, and I’ve been flying for 53 years, so it’s unusual.”
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg promised his agency. Would find the “root causes” of the massive system meltdown. That grounded flights across America.
Wednesday’s FAA debacle is the latest airline headache to affect the number of U.S. travelers. Buttigieg said Tuesday that his department. Would hold Southwest Airlines responsible for the holiday season cancellations.
More than 540 Delta flights delayed, 14 canceled
Julian McShane

According to FlightAware, more than 540 Delta flights were delayed as of 9:13 ET Wednesday, 19% . While 14 were canceled.

The airline said in a tweet . That it was “focused on conducting our operations for all carriers at. This morning’s FAA ground stop.”
More than 20% of JetBlue, Alaska Airlines flights are delayed
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JetBlue and Alaska Airlines tweeted. That they were monitoring the FAA computer outage and . Asked customers to stay informed about the status of their upcoming flights.

“We appreciate our customers’ patience and. Ask them to watch flight status,” JetBlue said in a tweet.

As of 8:52 a.m. ET, the airline has canceled. Three flights and delayed 208 flights, which is 21% of its flights. According to FlightAware.
Alaska Airlines tweeted that the outage was “affecting all airlines, including Alaska flights.”

“We are monitoring the situation and are in contact with FAA officials. If you are flying this morning, please check your flight status before heading to the airport.

Alaska Airlines had 11 flights canceled and 149 flights delayed. amounting to 21% of its flights. FlightAware noted as of 8:53 a.m. ET.
The fiancé called as he was about to board a flight to reunite them Air
Henry Austin

After six weeks apart, Wayne Kosich was about to board a plane to take him home to. See his fiancée, Samantha Martinez, when he called and told her thousands of flights had been grounded.

Kosich, 22, told  by telephone. Wednesday that he was in line to board a plane at . San Antonio International Airport, set to take off at 6:15 a.m. local time (7:15 ET). When Martinez, 23, said they had a little more time. Must be separate.

“I was looking forward to seeing him,” Kosich said of Martinez, who moved to. Texas from their home in Newton, North Carolina, for a job opportunity. He also said that the couple is getting married on September 9.

“There are about five gates and about 200 to 300 people,” he said, adding that airport . Staff were giving regular updates to passengers, though most of the time . They were saying, “No more news.”

Unlike some passengers who he said were frustrated by the delay, Kosic said he was calm and . It was unclear when and how he would get home, praising the airport . Staff for their professionalism: “They were great.”
American Airlines: ‘We are monitoring the situation closely’ Air
Julian McShane

American Airlines — which had over 100 flights canceled and 300 delayed as of 8:20 ET. According to flight tracker. FlightAware — said in a tweet before . ET that it was “monitoring . The situation and Working with the FAA to cut disruption to customers.”
Expert: Domestic flights will not return to normal till Thursday Air

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