Expect Damar Hamlin to play football again, NFL players union doctor says


Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin, whose on-field collapse sent shockwaves throughout the game. Will play professional football again, a physician close to the player said Wednesday.

Dr. Thom Meyer, medical director. Of the NFL Players Association, said on SiriusXM’s “Heart to Heart.” Show that there is no doubt Hamlin will get his cleats up and return to the gridiron.

Expect Damar Hamlin to play football again, NFL players union doctor says

“I don’t want to get into the HIPAA issue, but I guarantee you, I guarantee you … that Dammer Hamlin will play professional football again,” Meyer told the show.

A representative for Hamlin could not immediately be reached for comment Wednesday. And Hamlin has not commented publicly on his return to the field. After a heart attack and field rehabilitation last month.

He and the Bills were playing “Monday Night Football” in Cincinnati on January 2. When he appeared to make a routine tackle. Hamlin, a second-year defensive back from Pitt, bounced off the tackle and then went limp. Falling back

Hamlin can experience commotion cordis, a rare condition. In which blunt force to the chest can cause a healthy heart. To stop beating during a narrow window of the cardiac cycle. He was released Jan. 9 from the University of Cincinnati Medical. Center before being discharged Jan. 11 to Buffalo. General Medical Center for treatment closer to home.

He appeared in the Bills’ final game of the season, a January 22 playoff loss to the Bengals. On Wednesday, he accepted an award in recognition of his service to his community in Phoenix. The site of Sunday’s Super Bowl game.

“One of my favorite quotes: It’s a blessing to be a blessing,” Hamlin said while accepting. The NFLPA’s Alan Page Community Award with his parents by his side. “With that being said, I never plan to take this position for granted. And always take an urgent approach to making a difference. In the community I come from and communities around the world.”

Hamlin had a toy drive fundraiser that people donated after the field collapsed. Chase M has since raised more than $9 million.

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