Emhoff to implore international help to combat ‘epidemic of hate’ in opposition to antisemitism


WASHINGTON – Second Lieutenant epidemic Doug Emhoff will urge other. Countries to “form a coalition against this epidemic. Of hate” as part of his continuing tour to oppose anti-Semitism.

Emhoff, who is Jewish, will visit the United Nations on Thursday.

To speak at an event on Globalizing Efforts to Combat Zionism.

“We must build coalitions to combat this epidemic of hate,” he said. According to prepared remarks. “We must unite people of all backgrounds, faiths and ethnicities. Because hate is interconnected. It affects everyone.”

The event will bring together government and community leaders epidemic as well as UN. Representatives, according to a White House official. The purpose of the program is to draw attention to growing anti. -Semitism worldwide and to discuss “effective solutions. To confront the various manifestations of contemporary anti-Semitism.”

Emhoff leads the White House’s anti-Semitism efforts. Anti-Semitism has reached record highs in recent years, according to the Anti-Defamation League. In December, Emhoff hosted a roundtable at the White House to discuss anti-Semitism.

He will continue that message on Thursday.

“There must be consequences for those who indulge epidemic in anti-Semitism. There has to be accountability,” he would say, according to prepared remarks. “Make no mistake: the United States will lead the way on this issue.”

Emhoff also took his message abroad. He recently traveled to Krakow, Poland, and Berlin, Germany. To discuss the push against anti-Semitism.

President Joe Biden has already set aside $250 million to protect places of worship. Such as synagogues, that have been targeted by anti-Semitic attacks. Biden has proposed increasing that to $360 million for the 2023 fiscal year.

“This moment requires bold collective action and urgency. Not ideas,” Emhof said Thursday, according to prepared remarks.

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