El Salvador opens one of Latin America’s largest prisons


SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – Authorities in El Salvador have opened one of Latin America’s largest prisons. More than doubling the country’s prison capacity. As a government crackdown on criminal gangs continues to swell the prison population.

The 40,000-capacity terrorism detention center was inaugurated on Tuesday. To relieve some of the overpopulation in the country’s prison system.

El Salvador opens one of Latin America’s largest prisons

Since President Nayeb Bukel asked the country’s Congress to approve a state of exception in March. Police and the military have arrested more than 62,000 suspected gang members and their associates.

And giving the government access to citizens’ communications.

A growing inmate population resulting from anti-gang measures, which support a large majority of the population. Has stretched the nation’s already overburdened prison system. El Salvador’s largest prison, La Esperanza, currently holds 33,000 inmates despite a capacity of 10,000.

“All the homeboys, the terrorists of the organization that tormented our dear Salvadorans. Will be put under house arrest and subjected to harsh measures,” Luna said on state television.

By 2021, El Salvador’s prison system had 20 correctional centers with a capacity of 30,000 to hold 35,976 inmates.

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