Damar Hamlin has shown ‘signs of improvement’ but remains in critical condition, team says


Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin is showing “signs of improvement.” And loved ones are “excited” about his progress.

Damar Hamlin has shown 'signs of improvement' but remains in critical condition, team says-2

Damar Hamlin crashed on Monday night in Cincinnati. First responders performed CPR.

“Damar remains in critical condition in the ICU with. Symptoms improving yesterday and overnight.” the Bills said in a statement Wednesday afternoon. His healthcare team continues to check and treat him.”

Family friend and spokesman Jordan Rooney said Damar Hamlin’s  health was going “in a positive direction.”

“They’re excited now,” Rooney told The Associated Press. “Damar is still their first concern. But for them, they’re always looking at how they can turn a somewhat troubling situation into a good one. It’s going to be incredible for him and his family to come back from that.”

President Joe Biden told reporters Wednesday.

That they had only begun internal discussions. About how to reschedule or scratch the contest.


The Week 18 games — set to be the finale of the regular season — will go on as scheduled, the NFL said.

All scenarios are on the table, and NFL. Executive vice president of football operations. Troy Vincent warned teams and fans. That the final decision could be unpopular with some clubs.
The 12-3 Bills are a half-game back of the 13-3 Kansas City Chiefs for the AFC’s No. 1 seed.

“There may be a lack of equity, where it may not be perfect,” Vincent said. “But it will allow those participating who have earned the right to play to continue playing.”

Their next scheduled game on Sunday against the New England Patriots.

Each time, league officials refused to confirm that the contest would go on as scheduled.

“It’s really important that we just keep the pulse of the coaches and the players and not get ahead of it,” Vincent said.

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