Dallas Zoo suspect might have hopped on the city’s rail system with 2 stolen monkeys, official says


“I don’t believe they pose a danger to the public. Very small animals and easily concealed in a regular backpack.” Said a Dallas Area Rapid Transit spokesperson.
Two monkeys stolen from the Dallas Zoo may be riding public transportation.

DART Vice President Gordon Shattles said police have asked Dallas Area Rapid Transit. To review security video to look for Davion Irvin, 24, the suspect in the freak zoo break-in.

Dallas Zoo suspect might have hopped on the city's rail system with 2 stolen monkeys, official says

The monkeys at the Dallas Zoo were first noticed missing from their enclosure on January 30. Irvin told authorities he drove the Dart to Lancaster on Jan. 29. According to an affidavit for a Dallas Police Department arrest warrant.

“Irvin told detectives that he loved animals and. That he had adopted monkeys from the Dallas Zoo,” the affidavit states.

Irvin told authorities he waited until dark. Then hung the fence on the south side of the zoo, according to the affidavit. Once inside, he said he cut open the monkey’s enclosure, the affidavit said.

Irvin took the train to the University of North Texas in Dallas. And went to a vacant house where authorities later discovered. He was keeping a dozen pigeons and several cats, among other animals, the affidavit said.

The affidavit does not say what Irvin did with the monkeys. On the train, but Shuttles said they may have been in his backpack.

“From what we’re hearing in the initial reports, they’re very timid animals. Maybe that’s why they hide easily in backpacks,” Shattles said.

“I don’t believe they pose any danger to the public – very small animals. And easily concealed in regular backpacks.”

A Dallas police spokeswoman declined to comment on the monkeys’ alleged ride on the rails.

“Our office has not released specifics,” police spokeswoman Christine Lowman said. Dallas County Chief Public Defender Lynn Richardson. Also declined to discuss specifics of the case against her client. Yet, he said, “We are evaluating him for mental health issues.”

Irvin was picked up Thursday after being spotted. Inside the Dallas World Aquarium before jumping onto the DART, officials said.

On Geary Way Street across the street from. The suspect Irvin’s family home,” a police affidavit said.

Had Irvin not been arrested, he could have been charged. With two counts of theft and six counts of cruelty to non-animals, police said. He had plans to swipe more, they said.

Irvin told authorities he would return to the Dallas Zoo after his release from prison. And try to take in more animals, according to the affidavit.

The charges against Irvin are also connected to the Jan. 13 disappearance of Nova. A 3-year-old clouded leopard, who escaped from her wire mesh enclosure. After being cut, authorities said. The cat, which the zoo said posed no danger to the public, was found later that day.

During an interview with police, Irvin admitted to trying to steal the cat “but only to pet it,” the affidavit said.

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