Close call avoided between two planes at a Texas airport


The FedEx Boeing 767 cargo plane landed in Austin on a second try after a runway double-booked. And a Southwest passenger flight took off, the FAA said.
An air traffic controller may have double-booked a runway at a Texas airport on Saturday. Sending two jetliners on a course for a potential collision. The close call occurred at 6:40 a.m. at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. To make its authorized landing, the Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement. statement

Close call avoided between two planes at a Texas airport

The FedEx plane abandoned landing on runway 18-left, the FAA said.

“The pilot of the FedEx plane aborted the landing and began a climb,” it said. “The Southwest flight departed safely.”

In a statement, the package shipper said the FedEx Express flight from Memphis. To Austin “landed safely after experiencing an incident just before landing.” Southwest declined to comment. The Air Traffic Controllers Union did not immediately. Respond to a request for comment.

At New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport on Jan. 16. To stop when controllers saw an American Airlines flight cross its path, the FAA said at the time.

The Delta 737 was able to safely stop in time. After a controller heard in radio traffic preserved by the LiveATC website. “Delta 1943, cancel takeoff clearance!

The FAA and National Transportation Safety Board were investigating Saturday’s incident.

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