Chinese tech giant Baidu to launch ChatGPT-style AI bot


It is the latest company to join a global. Race to develop artificial intelligence chatbots. Following Google’s similar announcement on Monday.
HONG KONG – Chinese technology company Baidu said Tuesday. it is launching an artificial intelligence chatbot like ChatGPT. Joining a global race to dominate the technology.

Chinese tech giant Baidu to launch ChatGPT-style AI bot

The chatbot, known as “Wenxin Yan” in Chinese and “ERNIE Bot” in English. Is being tested internally and will be released publicly in March, Baidu said in a statement. ERNIE stands for “Enhanced Representation through Knowledge Integration.”

Like ChatGPT, the Baidu chatbot creates sophisticated responses to written prompts. Allowing users to create articles, essays, jokes and even poems.

Shares of the Hong Kong-listed company jumped. More than 15% to their best day in nearly a year on Tuesday’s closing announcement. Other Chinese AI stocks also gained. Baidu’s announcement on Monday followed a similar one by Google. Which said it would launch an artificial intelligence chatbot called. “Bird” in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, the company is opening it up to “trusted testers,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai said in a blog post. “We will combine external feedback with. Our own internal testing to ensure Bird’s responses meet a high bar for quality. Safety and foundation of real-world data”. “We are excited for this phase of testing to help us learn and improve the quality and speed of the bard.”

ChatGPT, which is not available in China, has become an international sensation since. It was launched in November by US artificial intelligence firm OpenAI.

The startup has strong backing from Microsoft, which last month announced a multi-year. Multibillion-dollar investment to speed up progress in AI. And “commercialize the resulting advanced AI technologies.”

Microsoft is holding a news event on Tuesday that is believed to be related to ChatGPT.

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