Republicans blast Biden, saying suspected Chinese spy balloon proves U.S. isn’t deterring Xi

Republicans blast Biden, saying suspected Chinese spy balloon proves U.S. isn’t deterring Xi. WASHINGTON — Top Republicans in Congress are demanding answers from. The Biden administration over suspected Chinese surveillance balloons. That have been hovering over the northern United States for the past few days. They lashed out at President Joe Biden, arguing that the […]

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‘Live fast, die young’: An endangered marsupial may be mating itself to death

A tiny endangered marsupial is dying for sex. The male northern colt — a carnivorous mammal. About the size of a small domestic cat — walks so far in his desperate search for a female mate. And sleeps so little that it may be causing his own early death, according to a study published Wednesday. […]

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Mourners and protesters clash at Cardinal George Pell’s funeral in Sydney

SYDNEY – Mourners at the Sydney funeral of Australian Cardinal George Pell. Once the most senior Catholic to be convicted of sex abuse, remembered him on Thursday. As a victim of a campaign to punish him regardless of his crimes. Meanwhile, several hundred protesters chanted from the streets denouncing Pell. A staunch conservative who has […]

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U.S. opens embassy in Solomon Islands in bid to counter China

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – The United States opened. An embassy in the Solomon Islands on Thursday to counter China’s push in the Pacific. The embassy in the capital Honiara is starting small, with a charge d’affaires. A handful of State Department staff and a handful of local employees. The United States before operated an embassy […]

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U.S. expands military presence in the Philippines as China looms in region

MANILA, Philippines – The United States. And the Philippines have announced plans to expand. America’s military presence in the Southeast. Asian nation with access to four more bases to deter China’s aggressive moves toward Taiwan. And in the disputed South China Sea. The deal came as US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was in the country […]

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North Korea warns of ‘overwhelming nuclear force’ to counter U.S.

SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea said on Thursday. It was ready to counter US military action with “the most overwhelming nuclear force” as it warned. That the expansion of joint US military exercises with rival. South Korea was pushing tensions to an “extreme”. red line.” Pyongyang’s foreign ministry statement came in response to comments. […]

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2 years after Myanmar coup, resistance to military rule is holding strong

BANGKOK – The prospect of peace in Myanmar. Much less a return to democracy, appears dimmer than. It has been two years since the military seized. Power from the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi, experts say. On Wednesday, soldiers of opposition to the military regime responded. The stay-at-home call of protest organizers in […]

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Hong Kong bans CBD, forcing businesses to shut or revamp

Hong Kong has banned CBD as a “dangerous drug. And imposed harsh penalties for its possession on Wednesday. Forcing runaway businesses to close or reorganize. Proponents say CBD, or cannabidiol. Derived from the cannabis plant, can help its users relieve stress. And inflammation without getting high, unlike its more famous cousin THC. The psychoactive ingredient […]

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As Ukraine waits for foreign tanks, mechanics learn to fix busted ones

Several countries, including the United States, have pledged to send tanks to Ukraine. Kyiv awaits, with front-line mechanics learning to repair broken things. Once dedicated to fixing civilian vehicles. an old depot hours from the front lines in eastern Ukraine now repairs. refurbishes and restores captured Russian tanks. armored personnel carriers and other pieces of […]

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Iran says drones attacked military factory, in latest hint of shadow war with Israel

Iran says drones attacked military factory, in latest hint of shadow war with Israel. The incident served as the latest flashpoint for rising tensions with Israel and the West over the country’s nuclear program and its supply of drones to Russia. A bomb-laden drone targeted. A military factory in the heart of Iran’s central city […]

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