Abbott appoints interim attorney general in Texas following Paxton’s impeachment

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday appointed. Former Secretary of State John Scott to serve as interim attorney general. after the state House impeached Ken Paxton. “John Scott has the background. And experience to serve as a short-term interim attorney general. When the attorney general is removed from office.” Abbott said in a statement Wednesday. […]

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Doctors call for changes to laws that criminalize drug use during pregnancy

Bandi Williams had been up for two straight days smoking crack cocaine when she realized she was going into labor.It was a cold Tennessee morning in December 2014, and Williams had to pull herself together to get to a hospital. She borrowed. SAcar from a friend whose excessive alcohol use required him to have a […]

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Eating Disorders Can Impact Anyone, but Help Is Out There

About 1 in 10 Americans — about 29 million people — will have an eating disorder at some point in their lives. These conditions are real and complex, and they affect a person’s daily well-being. And health Although eating disorders. Are shrouded in stereotypes, the reality is that they can take many forms and affect […]

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A Striking Gap Between the Deaths of Black and White Babies Plagues the South

Bamberg, SC. — Years before Bamberg Deaths County Hospital closed in 20120. And the next closest hospital in neighboring Barnwell closed its doors in 2016. Those facilities stopped delivering babies. These days, 60 of these rural counties don’t even have an ultrasound machine. Miles south of Columbia, obstetricians are few and far between. Here are […]

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CDC reports another death linked to recalled eyedrops

The number of people with drug-resistant bacterial . Infections linked to contaminated eye drops has reached 81. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday. CDC The 68 to 81 cases identified in March included 14 people who went blind and four others who had to have their eyeballs removed. Although most infections are […]

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N. Korea Food Shortage Worsens Amid COVID, but No Famine Yet

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea’s chronic. Food shortages have no doubt worsened due to the Covid-19 pandemic. And speculation has swirled about the country’s food insecurity. As its top leaders prepare to discuss “very important and urgent tasks.” Formulation of a sound agricultural policy. Unconfirmed reports suggest that an unspecified number of people […]

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10 Ways You Can Cut Your Risk for Dementia

Two University of Michigan neurologists offer 10 tips to correct those risks.Keep blood pressure under control. Dr. Judith Heidebrink, a neurologis. And co-leader of the Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center’s clinical core, recommends aiming. For a systolic blood pressure (upper number) of 130 mm Hg or less starting at age 40. It helps reduce risk. […]

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Milk, or a Plant-Based ‘Milk’: What’s the Nutritional Difference?

Reading the label will tell you what you’re getting from the drink. Whether it’s plant-based or dairy-based.Nutrient content can vary between different plant-based products. The FDA said in a recent news release. Many don’t have as much calcium, vitamin D or other nutrients as dairy milk. The only plant-based beverage that contains similar sufficient nutrients […]

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CDC arrives in Ohio town to investigate health risks from toxic train derailment

At a busy McDonald’s drive-thru in East Palestine, Ohio, a group of epidemiologi,. Environmental health scientists and others stood outside handing out flyers Saturday. Each flyer includes a survey with a QR code. That provides information on how to contact health officials. Three weeks after a massive train derailment spewed toxic. Cancer-causing fumes across the […]

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Florida bill would target diversity studies at state universities

A new bill in the Florida House of Representatives would bolster diversity efforts. And join control over public universities. Building on many of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ stated goals. A Republican who represents Pensacola. Would allow the state board of governors to direct universities. About removing majors and minors on topics such as critical race theory. […]

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