Cancer Patient On Delhi-New York Flight Seeks Help With Bag, Offloaded


.New Delhi:

A female cancer patient, who recently underwent a surgery, was offloaded from a New York-bound American Airlines flight at the Delhi airport after she sought help from a flight attendant to place her hand bag in the overhead cabin.
The incident was reported on January 30. And came to light after a US-based traveler named Meenakshi Sengupta filed a complaint against the flight attendant for allegedly refusing to help her carry a handbag weighing more than 5 pounds. Because of the overhead cabin, he was unable to do so due to his weak limbs.




In her complaint to the Delhi Police and Civil Air, Meenakshi Sengupta. Said she requested for wheelchair assistance to her seat, “I was also wearing a brace which was visible to everyone and they knew I had some discomfort.. because I could not carry any weight in my hands. Can’t and I’m weak from surgery and don’t need to push myself by walking too much.”

She said, “The ground staff was very helpful and helped me board the plane and kept my handbag next to the seat. Once inside the flight, I had a conversation with the air hostess and I explained my health condition to them. ..none of them removed my handbag. Didn’t mention. The cabin lights went out after the flight took off. At that time an air hostess came to put my hand bag in the overhead compartment. I begged her to help me. But she refused and told me it wasn’t her job to do that.”

Sengupta also mentioned that she “repeatedly” asked him to help her but the latter rudely rejected her request and told her to do it on her own and left.

“He was very rude and arrogant in his words,” alleged Sengupta. Adding that when he went to complain about the incident, the airmen were “largely apathetic” and told him they did not want to interfere at all, he alleged.

“They said if I feel very uncomfortable, I should just de-board the flight. They were unanimous in their decision to de-board me,” Sengupta said.

The incident also went viral on social media, and people requested the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MOCA). And the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) to take note of the matter.

“Disgusting behavior from @AmericanAir staff towards a #cancer patient – Meenakshi Sengupta . Shameful @DCWDelhi @SwatiJaiHind Please note @ Pib_MoCA,” said one Twitter user.

Meanwhile, India’s regulator – Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has taken cognizance of the case. And asked the American airlines to submit their report.

“On January 30, before American Airlines Flight 293 from Delhi (DEL) to New York (JFK). A disruptive customer was removed from the flight for failure to follow crew members’ instructions. Our customer relations team reached out to refund the customer the unused portion of their ticket.” The airline said an investigation into the matter is underway.

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