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“Buck Stops With Pilot”: Co-Passenger Shreds Air India Crew Over Pee-Gate


New York:

After hearing the father of a drunken man on an Air India flight who urinated on a female passenger claim the incident did not happen, a fellow passenger said, noting that the accused was inconsistent and blamed the pilot. For inaction in dealing with the situation.
Dr. Sugata Bhattacharya, a renowned US-based audiology doctor, sat next to Shankar Mishra, who allegedly urinated on a female co-passenger on a November 26 Air India flight from New York to New Delhi.

“I couldn’t be this voice. I waited, but when his father said it didn’t happen, it excited me,” Mr. Bhattacharya told PTI in a phone interview.

“A woman’s dignity has been played with. Tata’s name has been tarnished. It is not a happy story. But at the end of the day it was a moral call for me, it was morality and I thought it was my moral duty. To stand up and complain and I did, ” he said.

Mishra’s father said in Boisar near Mumbai last week that his son was innocent and that he could not do such a thing to a woman of his mother’s age.

Delhi Police arrested Mishra (34) from Bengaluru after he was traced in that city through technological surveillance. A Delhi court sent him to judicial remand for 14 days, rejecting the police plea for his custody.

Mr. Bhattacharya sat in seat number 8A, while Mishra was in seat 8C in the mixed business class.

He said the law would take its own course, and did not comment on the ongoing investigation.

Mr. Bhattacharya, in a handwritten complaint to the airline, said the distressed passenger was forced to return to his dirty seat even though four first class seats were empty.

He said that his “complaint was that they didn’t follow a lot of standard operating protocols. When something like this happens, the first thing you have is a distressed passenger.” “The whole incident is very sad. A senior citizen’s dignity has been played with due to excessive drinking, a young man is in trouble, he has lost his job, his family, everyone else around him is going through difficult situations.” Time with him,” he said.

He said that after the incident, the flight crew should have ensured that the woman was moved to a separate seat, as there were four seats available in the first class section of the flight. Instead, the lady was made to wait for a long time, and was given one of the available seats only after the crew had finished resting.

“It’s a no. And that’s what I protested,” he said, adding that when he asked why the woman wasn’t being given a first-class seat, the senior air hostess told him that she couldn’t make that decision and only pilot in. The command can call that.

“And that call wasn’t made. So, it’s a failure,” he said.

Mr. Bhattacharya also said that in any case when a crime occurs, “you don’t try to mediate it and get away with it. They should not have brought the victim and Mishra face to face for any discussion.” Instead, the captain should have alerted the ground staff about the incident before landing and ensured that Mishra was handed over to the authorities who would take appropriate action, he said.

“My anger was that no one was held accountable and there were multiple failures on the procedural side,” he said.

He said the crew to talk to Mahila Mishra to resolve the incident was a “no-no because indecent exposure is a crime. It’s sexual harassment. And once it happens, no one should resort to mediation.” ” “I was angry. I don’t care what a drunk person does because he’s not in his right mind and that’s why he does it. But those who had power and authority, showed no compassion. In an aircraft, the pilot is the main person and the buck stops with him.” Mr Bhattacharya said the pilot should have done “anything and everything” to help and support the woman in every way possible after such a traumatic incident.

“Mishra had gone and “no one even wanted to wake him up because no one knew how he would behave. They waited for him to wake up,” he said.

Narrating the events, Mr. Bhattacharya said that Mishra had been drinking when he had lunch and that he “drank four strong drinks within lunch. He would drink, and he would just point to his glass, and they would come and refill it. ” Mishra then fell asleep and at one point Mishra Bhattacharya woke up when Mishra “practically” fell into his seat. Mr Bhattacharya said he thought Mishra had lost his balance due to the disturbance.

Mr Bhattacharya said he was then asleep, and when he woke up, “I saw (Mishra) Ujjal awake, calmed down and the crew had already spoken to him once” about the incident.

“The first thing Mishra said was ‘Brother I think I’m in trouble’. And my answer was, ‘Yes, you are’. And, he says, I don’t know what to do, I don’t remember anything. I don’t have

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