Biden ‘outraged’ after watching ‘horrific’ video of Tyre Nichols beating


Biden 'outraged' after watching 'horrific' video of Tyre Nichols beating

President Joe Biden said Friday night he was “outraged. And saddened” after watching video of the brutal. Beating of Tyree Nichols by Memphis police.

In a statement shortly after the videos were released. Biden called the images “appalling.”

“This is another painful reminder of the deep fear and trauma. Pain and exhaustion that black and brown Americans experience every day,” he said.

“The footage released this evening will make people outraged.

” Biden added, urging those seeking justice “not to resort to violence or destruction.”

Earlier Friday, Biden spoke by phone with Nichols’ mother. And Stepfather, Rowan Wells and Rodney Wells, who were allowed to view the video in person on Monday.

During the conversation with them. Biden expressed his condolences for the 29-year-old’s death. And praised the family’s courage and strength, the White House said.

“This is devastating,” Biden said, addressing Rodney Wells. According to a Washington Post video of family members speaking with Biden.

“Yes, sir,” Wells replied.

“I know people will say, tell you. But I know,” Biden continued, commenting on his own loss of family. Members in tragic circumstances.

Shortly after Biden was elected to the Senate, he spoke. About how he lost family members in a 1972 accident. “When a tractor trailer rear-ended their car” that killed his first wife. Nilia Hunter Biden, and their 13-month-old daughter, Naomi. In 2015, Biden lost his son Beau to brain cancer.

Speaking to reporters before boarding Marine One to spend the weekend at Camp David. Biden said he was “very concerned” about the potential for violence.

Following the release of the police video.

He said that besides to “innocent lives” being at stake, “it has a lot to say and to do with the image of America. It has a lot to do with the country we call it.”

“We are a country of law and order” where outraged peaceful protests can take place and “courts rule,” Biden added.

In a statement Thursday, Biden offered his condolences to Nichols’ family. And the Memphis community. “Tayer’s family demands a swift, full. And transparent investigation into his death,” he said.

Biden also noted that fatal encounters. With law enforcement “have affected black and brown people .”

“For real change, we must hold law. Enforcement officers accountable when they violate their oaths. And we must build lasting trust between law enforcement.

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