Biden on his possession of classified documents: Packing was ‘not done well’ by staff


WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden on Wednesday. Appeared to place some of the blame on the staff. Who packed up the contents of his vice president’s office for how classified. Documents were handled at his Delaware home and Washington office.

“But one of the things that happened that wasn’t done well was.

That they arranged for my offices to move. They didn’t do the kind of work they should have done to go through every piece of literature. That’s where,” Biden said in an interview with PBS on Wednesday. said “But I’ll let the investigation determine what’s going on. And we’ll see what happens.”

In November, classified documents were found in an office. That Biden used when he left office at the end of the Obama. Administration and when he launched his 2020 presidential campaign. Since the discovery became public in January. More documents have been found at Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home.

The White House said the president is cooperating. With the investigation into how the documents got out of the safe.Attorney General Merrick Garland has since named. A special counsel to investigate. Biden’s handling of the documents.

The discoveries have created a political furor for Biden, especially.

After Democrats criticized him for keeping former President. Florida estate after the FBI executed a search warrant.

Democrats argue there is a key difference — Biden is not trying to hide the documents. And has cooperated with authorities, while the FBI search of Trump’s. Florida estate came after months of government efforts to recover the material.

Biden reiterated that message in his interview on Wednesday. Saying that “no one has to threaten to do anything.” And that he “open every aperture that I have. — The house, the office, everything, will come and look and spend hours searching for me. At home, invited them.”

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