Biden heads to California to survey the damage from severe storms


President Joe Biden will visit parts of California on Thursday. To see areas hit by  damage the severe storms and assess more federal aid needed for recovery efforts.

The president will survey areas of Santa Clara. And Santa Cruz counties along the state’s central coast. Where recent storms have caused flooding and landslides.

He is set to meet with first responders. State and local officials and communities affected by the devastation. Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator. Dean Criswell will travel with Biden, who will also meet with Gov. Gavin Newsom.

White House press secretary Karin. Jean-Pierre told reporters Wednesday .

That Biden has been monitoring. The situation in California in recent weeks. And that his homeland security team has been briefing him . He has been in contact with Newsom and other local officials.

Biden’s visit to California comes after the White House announced. That he had approved damage a disaster declaration. For the state focusing federal aid on three hard-hit counties. Merced, Sacramento and Santa Cruz. The proclamation provides federal help for debris removal, emergency protective measures. And private help for storm-damaged homes. More than 500 FEMA and other federal personnel.

According to todaystrend News, California has been hit by

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