“Better Off Without Your Blessing”: Bengal University To Mamata Banerjee


Mamata Banerjee said that Visva Bharati University should focus. On running the university and not aim to indulge in saffronization of students.
KOLKATA: What started as a dispute over allegations by Visva Bharati University. That Nobel laureate Amartya Sen had illegally acquired land has. Now turned into a full-blown political war, with the university issuing. A statement against West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

Better Off Without Your Blessing Bengal University To Mamata Banerjee

In a press statement, the university said, “Vishvabharati is a central university. We are fine without your blessings as we are used. To the prime minister’s margadarshan (guidance).”

The statement was signed by Visva Bharati spokesperson Mahua Banerjee.

“We would like to request the Chief Minister to stop looking with his ears and use his brain. Your beloved disciple (Anubrata Mandal), without whom you cannot imagine Birbhum. Is also in jail,” the statement said.

Earlier, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee hit out at the university. For allegedly illegally grabbing land. Against Nobel laureate Amartya Sen. Mamata Banerjee handed over state government documents showing. That the land was actually given. to Amartya Sen’s father Ashutosh Sen. And there was no illegal. Occupation as alleged by the university.

“I want to tell the truth based on facts and that is why I have come here. You can say, for disrespecting him, I am handing. Over these papers to honorable Amartya Sen. In future, BJP should not try. To disrespect him like this. And some BJP- Even panthi saffronized personalities should not. Do that is what I have to say,” the chief minister told reporters after meeting the Nobel laureate.

Mamata Banerjee said Visva-Bharti University should focus on running the university. And not aim to indulge in saffronization of students. Without naming the vice-chancellor who claimed. She did not want to disrespect Amartya Sen. When questioning his Nobel Prize. Mamata Banerjee also met the protesting students of Visva Bharati University. And assured them of her all-out support to end the campus unrest.

“It is the responsibility of all us to protest and save Visva Bharati. Rabindranath Tagore’s concept of open education in nature. If anyone thinks that they can saffronise students, professors by force, then remember.

That even if no one stands by them, I am with them,” he said. said

Mamata Banerjee asked the university to apologize to Amartya Sen. Earlier. Visva Bharati University Vice-Chancellor Vidyut Chakraborty told reporters. “We have given him a letter and our complaint is that the land allotted to him is 1.25 acres but he claims 1.38 acres.

BJP says Amartya Sen should not get involved in such controversy. BJP national general secretary Dilip Ghosh told reporters. “Amartya Sen is an icon for many and he should not get involved in such controversies. If there is any truth in it, he should come forward and declare it himself.

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