At Last: Streisand Memoir ‘My Name Is Barbra’ Coming Nov. 7


NEW YORK (AP) — Barbra Streisand’s very long and very long-awaited memoir. A project she’s talked about for years, is coming out this fall. Viking, a Penguin Random House imprint, will release “My Name Is Barbra” on November 7.

At Last Streisand Memoir 'My Name Is Barbra' Coming Nov. 7

His memoir, befitting a superstar of great ambition, clocks in at 1,040 pages.

“The book, like Barbra, is frank, funny, opinionated. And charming,” according to the publisher. “She recounts her early struggles to become an actress, eventually turning to singing. To earn a living; Some of his acclaimed album recordings. Years of effort involved in making ‘Yentl’; his direction of ‘The Prince of Tides’. his friendships with figures from Marlon Brando to Madeleine Albright. His political advocacy; And she found fulfillment in her marriage to James Brolin.”

“My Name Is Barbra” is the title track of a 1965 Streisand album and television special.

Publishers have sought a Streisand memoir for decades. With the singer telling Jimmy Fallon in 2021. That Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis asked her to write one in the early 1980s. When the former first lady was an editor at Doubleday. During an Associated Press interview in 2009, Streisand mentioned. That she was writing chapters about her life, long term. “I back off,” Streisand said at the time. “Do I really want to write about my life? Do I really want to live my life? I’m not sure.

Streisand, 80, has long been wary of discussing her personal life. Including her relationships with actor Elliott Gould and producer John Peters. She has been married to Brolin since 1998.

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