“Arrange Daughter’s Wedding In ₹ 1 Crore”: Man Before Shooting Himself


Bhopal: A leading textile merchant died after killing his . Shooting Wife in Panna, Madhya Pradesh on Saturday. The news sent shockwaves across the city as the police recovered. Himself A disturbing suicide note from the scene. The body was found with bullet wounds. Himself Police have also recovered . A suicide note from the spot, on the basis of which they have started investigation. Businessman Sanjay Seth was a devotee of Bageshwar Dham. In his suicide note. He said, “Guruji, forgive me. If I take another birth,   

it will be only as your staunch devotee.” Himself Shooting

Sanjay Seth had recorded a video before the incident, in which he was seen crying and calling out the . Names of those who Himself he said had not returned the money he borrowed from him. “Please return Shooting my money to my children, for my daughter’s marriage. Arrange her marriage for ₹ 50 lakh to ₹ 1 crore, my daughter has money in her account — ₹ 29 lakh kept in a locker. Both my Shooting wife and I are leaving, to live. Can’t… There are too many jewels for a girl… My children, forgive me,” he said. Himself

Sanjay Seth lived with his wife Meenu in Kishoreganj, the heart of the city. Both Sanjay and Meenu were in the second floor room of the house at the time of the incident. Hearing the gunshots, other members of the family rushed upstairs Shooting . The woman was already dead, but Sanjay was still breathing. Later, he also died before the family members could take him to the hospital.

Superintendent of Police . Dharmaraj Meena of Panna said, the matter Shooting seems to be due to a domestic dispute. “It is a very sad incident, our investigation is on. At present, it does not appear that anyone from outside was involved, the couple was alone in the room. Shooting We are investigating from all angles,” he added.

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