Alabama basketball player booked in fatal shooting near campus

Alabama basketball player booked in fatal shooting near campus


Investigators in Tuscaloosa say a minor argument preceded. A vehicle-to-vehicle shooting that ended with the death of a woman.

Alabama basketball player booked in fatal shooting near campus

A former University of Alabama basketball player remains behind bars. After being arrested in connection with a deadly shooting. Near campus Sunday night, authorities said.

In Tuscaloosa’s campus-adjacent nightlife district, the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office said.

No other party was associated with the institution. It was not clear whether Miles has retained private counsel for the case. The public defender’s office in Tuscaloosa did not immediately respond. To a request for comment.

Alabama athletics said Sunday. That it extends its deepest sympathies to the family and friends of the victim and announced. That Miles is no longer part of its basketball team.

The basketball program said Saturday that Miles, a junior forward. Is out for the rest of the season with a preseason injury.

It was unclear whether Miles was no longer a student. Or whether the institution could expel him without due process. Sheriff’s statement addressed his status with the university in the past.

Sheriff’s officials have not said which of the two suspects. Fired the shots or whether they believe both did.
“Now it appears that the shooting was the result of a minor argument that occurred between the victim. And the suspect after they confronted each other along the strip.” The sheriff’s office said.

Shortly before 2 p.m., a driver pulled up to an Alabama police car. On the Strip-adjacent Walk of Champions at Bryant-Denny Stadium. After a passenger, still inside, had been fatally shot. The office said.

The driver told investigators that someone in another car fired. Shots right into his car from the strip and that he returned fire. Possibly injuring someone in the opposing car.

Detectives with the sheriff’s violent crimes unit tracked down the two suspects. After speaking with witnesses and viewing security video, the office said.

The university says it is cooperating with the investigation.

Members of the campus community affected by the violence can contact campus counselors. Even on Monday’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday, the university said in its statement.

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