6 stabbed in Paris train station, attacker shot by police


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A knife attacker wounded six people in an unprovoked attack. At Paris’s busy Gare du Nord train station on Wednesday morning. Before police opened fire, the French interior minister said. Praising police’s quick intervention that helped prevent any casualties.

At 6:43 a.m. local time (12:43 ET), the knife-wielding man attacked several people. Including a police officer, with “bladed weapons.” Gérald Darmanin told reporters flanking the mayor of Paris. Anne Hidalgo.

Darmanin thanked the police “for their effective and courageous response”.

“Without very quick intervention, death will happen.” He said, explaining how the knifeman was neutralized within a minute of attacking his first victim.

“In 6:42, the first acts were described. At 6:43, the police used their administrative weapons after his violence,” he said.

According to officials, several passengers. And a border police officer were among the injured. The assailant stabbed the officer in the back.

Five of the injured suffered minor injuries. While one suffered a serious shoulder blade injury.

Video from Gare du Nord, one of the French capital’s busiest passenger stations. Showed an eerie calm as dozens of police gathered. Near the entrance to the Eurostar terminal in areas cordoned off from the public.

The disruption also caused serious disruption to train services. At the station – Europe’s busiest rail artery. During the morning rush hour, according to national rail company SNCF.

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