6 South Sudan Journalists Arrested Over Viral Video Of President Wetting Himself


Journalists are investigating the footage that went viral on social media in December

6 South Sudan Journalists Arrested Over Viral Video Of President Wetting Himself (2)

Media rights groups have called on South Sudan authorities. To release six journalists captured. On video of President Salva Kiir urinating on himself.
Workers of the state-run South Sudan Broadcasting. Corporation were arrested by agents of the National Security Service. On Tuesday, the Committee to Protect Journalists said. Citing media reports and other sources familiar with the case.

They are under investigation over footage that went viral. On social media in December, according to reports. New York-based CPJ said in a statement issued late Friday.

A video posted on YouTube shows Kiir, wearing his trademark. Black hat and a gray dress described as a road commissioning ceremony. With a wet substance smeared on his left trouser leg.

An SSBC official was quoted by independent station Radio Tamazuj. As saying the outlet did not broadcast the footage.

“The arrests coincide with a pattern of arbitrary detention of security personnel.

“The authorities should release these six SSBC employees unconditionally and ensure. That they can work without further intimidation or threat of arrest.”

South Sudan’s Union of Journalists called for a “swift conclusion.” To the investigation into six people. Who were suspected of having “knowledge of the release of ‘certain footage’ to the public”.

“If there is a prima facie case of professional misconduct or criminality. Let the authorities hurry an administrative or legal process to resolve the issue in a fair. Transparent (manner) and by the law,” it said in a statement on Friday.

Kiir, 71, oversaw the birth of South Sudan. An independent nation after its independence from Sudan in July 2011.

But the world’s youngest country has since lurched. From crisis to crisis, enduring brutal conflicts, political unrest. Natural disasters and hunger.

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