4 UP Women Flee With Lovers After Receiving PM Awas Yojana Money, Husbands In Shock


In a strange turn of events, four married Money women left their husbands behind. And fled their homes in Uttar Pradesh with their lovers. After getting money under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY). PMAY is a flagship scheme of the central government. Which aims to address the urban housing shortage among the poor. –

Those belonging to the Weaker Sections (EWS) and low and middle income groups.

Under the scheme, the government transfers cash to the accounts. Of beneficiaries so that they can own a house.
The Center has made it mandatory for the Money female head of the household to own or co-own a house under PMAY. Four women beneficiaries of this scheme utilized. This provision and left their husbands as soon as the ₹ 50,000 grant came into their accounts.

The Swamis, but, are now facing two distinct problems as a result of the incident. – They have received a warning from the District Urban Development. Agency (DUDA) as construction has not started, and they are worried. That they will receive a recovery notice as they have not received any installments.

Confused husbands don’t know what to do now. Which is why they have asked DUDA’s project officer not to send the next installment. To bank accounts that their absconding wives can access.

Although the first installment was sent to the accounts of these four women.

Beneficiaries of Nagar Panchayats Belhara, Banki, Zaidpur and Siddhghar in the district. They ran away with their lovers and money.

This strange incident came to the attention of the authorities. When the construction of their house did not start. Saurabh Tripathi, project officer of DUDA. Sent a notice and directed that the construction of the house be started immediately. But there was no development even after the notice.

The husbands of the women finally. Reached the government office to inform the authorities. That their wives had left with their lovers and asked them not to credit the second installment of PMAY. District officials are now confused. On how to recover the money from these beneficiaries.

But, Mr. Tripathi said the department is trying to recover funds from each beneficiary.

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