3 Michigan rappers reported missing after canceled Detroit performance 10 days ago


Armani Kelly, Montoya Givens and Dante Wicker have not been seen. Or heard from since canceling their gig at a bar on Jan. 21, Detroit Police Cmdr. Michael McGuinness told reporters on Monday. Their disappearance sparked a multi-agency investigation.

McGuinness described the situation as “extraordinary”.

3 Michigan rappers reported missing after canceled Detroit performance 10 days ago

“Usually when you’re dealing with an adult that’s missing it’s usually one person. … In this case, the three of them going missing. Together is very troubling and very troubling to us,” McGinnis said.

According to his profile in the National Missing and Identified. Persons System database, Kelly left his hometown, Oscoda. Michigan, in a gray Chevrolet Equinox at 11 a.m. on Jan. 21. He contacted his family at 5 pm. His performance that night at Lounge 31 is canceled. And he tells them he’s either going to meet friends or try to find another place to perform. This was his last contact with his family, according to his NamUS profile.

NamUS profiles for Givens and Wicker were not immediately available. Detroit police confirmed Tuesday. 

Lounge 31 Gig was canceled due to an equipment problem, the Associated Press reported. Kelly’s mother, Lori Kemp, filed a missing person’s report the morning. After the canceled performance, police said. He found his car through a car tracking service in Warren, located 15 miles north of downtown Detroit.

Kemp told Detroit’s TTN affiliate WDIV that he drove from Oscoda to Warren, about 200 miles north. Kemp couldn’t help but believe she would never see her son again, she said.

“I want to rest him and try to move on,” Kemp said.

Police in Warren recovered the vehicle and authorities are working. To “extract the data” from his computer, McGinnis said Monday.

None of the men’s cellphone records show any activity after the early hours of Jan. 22, McGinnis said.

“We have a lot of unanswered questions that we’re trying to figure out, looking for answers. So we can find these victims — or these individuals, and we don’t know they’re victims,” McGinnis said. “We want to find them and get them home to their loved ones.”

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